Wednesday 9 March 2011

Bee happy .... make hearts

I've been a busy bee making hearts.  I love hearts and have loads around the house, fabric, wooden, twigs, metal. 

I have been inspired by Cox and Cox who sell white wedding hearts in packs of 24.  Because I am already married and I only wanted a couple I made them myself  :)

I used a fabric sample from John Lewis and got both hearts out of one sample.
I draw a paper shape I was happy with then cut out 4 pieces. 
Then I made up the hearts, filled and hand stitched the hole closed.
I then used some fine craft wire to poke through the fabric at the top of the heart, adding buttons and beads. 
I finished off twisting the wire around the last bead so everything didn't fall off, making sure I had loads of spare wire to hang it with.

I was also inspired by Diane at Heartshaped, find her at 
to make this heart.  It's longer than I usually make but I love the shape.  I will be making more like this me thinks.
I added loads of bits and bobs and am really pleased with the results.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog - we have the same wallpaper! it doesn't matter what I plan I always end up with LA wallpaper, it really is good value (esp in a sale!)I should have resized the pic but had to dash to work! jennyx

  2. I am a bit of a heart person too! Loving your hearts, they are gorgeous.
    Pam x

  3. Such pretty hearts! You can't go wrong with having a few hearts dotted around the place.

  4. one can never have too many fabric hearts in ones life my friend....
    they are seriously addictive aren't they...using all your fave scrap pieces!!

    keep going...i feel a *give-away* coming on!

    melissa x

  5. I have dozens of hearts, I sell them (wooden) and make them. Love yours to xxxxx

  6. oh these are so pretty! Well done on a fabulous make :o) Scarlett x

  7. I love hearts too and did a post on my collection a while back.Your heart is very pretty...would look very nice in my bedroom! :0)

  8. I had a Cox and Cox heart on my Valentine post, I think :) I love yours! XO

  9. I love hearts too, need to make my own not just buy them.

  10. Hi and thanks for joining my blog today, always nice to meet new people! Love your blue shed!

  11. how cute and crafty! i love everything and anything with hearts!! thanks for sharing.

  12. These are super cute and I love your bits and pieces attached to the last, so eclectic and pretty!

    Jem xXx

  13. Prepare to have therapy as they are very addictive! I asked a local wedding dressmaker if she had any scraps and she gave me loads - feeding my habit!! they are lovely for weddings. Yours look great! xx

  14. How did I miss these they are gorgeous! I love them!



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