Monday 14 March 2011

Bee happy ..... make, do and glam up!

When I was in Selfridges the other weekend I saw some lovely tea towels with ribbons and trims on.  They were that fab they didn't have a price on! So, rather than enquiring and then not buying because of the price I thought I would make my own from already owned ones.

I chose 2 in pink, using the smaller flower towel to cut up. Then a red one to add bits on to.

I cut 2 sections from the small print towel and stitched on either end of large flower towel.
I then added some East of India ribbon across the centre of the strip.
Then I finished off with lace on each end.
To hide any messy sides I then added trim down both sides
to finish off.
Because this towel already had one piece of ribbon I found another the same
to put on the other end, then I put a wider piece of ribbon above each end.
I finished off with a piece of  lace on each end again.
I also added a ribbon hanger halfway.

I am now the proud owner of 2 new tea towels which were otherwise left in the drawer as my Cath Kidston ones were always used!

I may make some for mum in law for mothers day.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!


  1. Oh you are just way to clever with a sewing machine...I need some lessons from you. These are just so super cute..good skills lovely x

  2. These are fabulous! Better than shop bought anytime xxxx

  3. That is a lovely idea :)

    I need new tea-towels so shall now probably get plain ones and make them look posher myself.

  4. Fabulous make - they are far too pretty to be used in my house though - i would have to save them for display (hubby has a habit of burning holes in tea towels!). Im saving for a new sewing machine so I can do some crafty things like this. Scarlett x

  5. They are great and what a saving you made at the same time!

  6. What a fabulous way to pimp up old tea towels!! Well done!

  7. You've inspired me to get out the sewing machine - what a lovely way to customise tea towels! :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. Wow these are gorgeous!! You've done a brilliant job!

  9. Lovely! Almost too nice too use :)

  10. Lovely, too pretty to use - I think I'd have them out for display purposes only:)

  11. Lovely! You're right, they'd make fabulous gifts x

  12. They look really great, I love the appliquéd tea towel's in Laura Ashley and think I could do it myself but never get round to it. well done.

  13. Ooooohhhh well done you there fab i would never have thought of making my own tea towels what a great idea i love them ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee xx

  14. they are gorgeous.. and i bet they are better than the ones you first saw. x x

  15. Those tea towels turned out absolutely lovely!

  16. how very lovely indeed. :)

  17. Just signed up as a follower. Love your blog.
    I like to make these little towels. Your's are a bit different and
    have given me some ideas.

  18. these are gorgeous! so pretty - and very inspiring

  19. Just returning your visit to my blog..thanks for saying hi.

    And that thing you did with the tea towels is very creative - they look smashing. I need to do something like that - my tea towels are an embarrassment. Shabby without the chic.


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