Listen to the rain

Let it soothe your spirit. Smell the freshness. Hear the patterns. See the cleansing. The way trees and plants drink it in. Feel the renewal.

-Patrick Lindsay

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bee happy ..... use candles

I've had a move around in the living room and put all of my candle sticks together on the table.

I have been collecting for a couple of years now.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Bee happy x

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  1. What a stunning collection of candle holders, they look lovely all lined up like that on the table..very pretty!

  2. That is some collection! I've been reading some Kelly Hoppen design books - she is a firm believer in lighting candles and not just using them as decorative objects. These would look amazing grouped and lit.

  3. Silvery candle holders are the best sort! :-) Lovely, lovely candlesticks!

    Jem xXx

  4. My favorite candle holders are cut glass - I love putting them all together and 'starting a fire.' Fire light is so comforting.

  5. Your post made me smile...Thought I had rather alot of candles holders!! hehe Happy Friday!

  6. I love silver candlesticks. I always have candles lit at home.


  7. Looks gorgeous all grouped together x

  8. Lovely collection, I've got a thing for candlesticks too, I have the same pair as the third and fifth you have in the last photo - or they're very similar. Hard to find the right size candles though - they're wider than normal. x

  9. Such a beautiful display!! ;) xo Heather

  10. What a lovely collection!
    I found a gorgeous green glass vintage one in the car boot the other day for £1.50.
    Have a very happy weekend! :0)

  11. Your candlesticks are just gorgeous! xx

  12. What a wonderful collection,they look so lovely displayed

  13. Hi Deb, the candlestick collection is gorgeous.

    I hope your home wares are doing well. Tam x

    p.s. Sorry, Carl has been really busy and has not had time to look at the cover just yet. I will get him to email you soon.

  14. oh i miss lots of your blog posts! i miss reading and being nosey hehe, you have a lovely collection of gorgeous candlesticks, Bee! so prettily arranged on that beautiful white table!

    xx susan

  15. Hi, Deb!! Your candle holders look so pretty all lined up on the white table.

    Wishing you a delightful day,
    Marianne xox

  16. I LOVE your candlesticks - and so spectacular when all laid out together - absolutely gorgeous! Paula x

  17. What pure gorgeousness all gathered together.

    Hello :)

    Nina xxx


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