Thursday 16 December 2010

Bee happy ..... make a wool bag

Wool fabric  I bought from Harrogate Knitting
and Stitching show
Hubby and I were going out for a meal the other night and I couldn't find a bag to take with me so I decided to make one and knocked it up in about an hour, I impressed myself!

After cutting out 2x black pieces for the inside and 2x grey pieces for the outside (slightly longer so I could turn over on the inside of the bag) I stitched them both together then sat the black inside the grey and stitched round the top.

I had already decided I wanted to plait the handles and secured each of these to the bag with a heart.  I then stitched a button in the middle of each heart to make the handles stronger for carrying more.

I then made the corsage by stitching several circles together with a button and pinned it to my new bag with a safety pin.

Had quite a few comments on my bag when we went out which made me happy.

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